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Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
_bitsetBitset with external allocator
_list< T, A >Class _list uses external allocator class for ALL memory allocations only 4 byte size for empty list object only forward and backward iterators are supported
_map< K, T, A, Pr, M >All memory allocations are on the external allocators
_stack< T, A >Class stack uses external allocator class for ALL internal memory allocations only 4 byte size for empty stack object
_vector< T, A >Supports vector with external allocator size of empty vector is 8 byte
aiofileExpands windows IO Completion Port idea to Linux
aiofile::aiofile_fileKeeps file information including initiated asynchronous actions blocks
aiofile::listener_infoListener information
aiofile_blockDefines the asynchronous control block for WIN platform
aiogateAbstraction for callback
aiogate::listener_infoKeeps listener information
aiogate::pin_infoPin info with information about pin status
aiogate::pin_info_extraPin information required for proper pin destruction
aiogate::pin_info_minimumMin pin information
aiogate::udp_headerKeeps information for udp package
aiomsgImplements terimber_aiomsg interface
aiomsgfactoryFactory for aiomsg class
aiosockExpands windows IO Completion Port idea to Linux
aiosock::aiosock_socketKeeps socket information including initiated asynchronous actions blocks
aiosock::listener_infoListener information
aiosock_blockDefines the asynchronous control block for WIN platform
array_allocator< T >Template class for allocation of the array of objects it seems like this class covers the functionality of the previous one but the previous class (node_allocator) has better performance
array_allocator_creator< T >Creator for array_allocator
async_db_notifyAbstract class for asynchronous db notifications
attributeDeclAttribute description
attributeRefDeclMap for id/idref/idrefs declarations
backet_tank< N >
base_bitsetBit functionality
base_list< T >Base class for list family
base_list< T >::_nodeNode with object
base_list< T >::_node_Internal help class for head node
base_list< T >::const_iteratorConst interator
base_list< T >::iterator
base_map< K, T, Pr, M >Implements binary tree
base_map< K, T, Pr, M >::_nodeNode with template key and value
base_map< K, T, Pr, M >::_node_Base node
base_map< K, T, Pr, M >::const_iteratorConst iterator
base_map< K, T, Pr, M >::iteratorNon const iterator
base_stack< T >Class provides the stack functionality
base_stack< T >::_nodeList node
base_stack< T >::_node_Internal help class
base_stack< T >::const_iteratorMost of STL algorithms are supported
base_stack< T >::iteratorNon const iterator
base_string< T >Supports base string functionality
base_vector< T >Vector functionality
binderOrvide functionality for binding sql parameters
buffer_loaderHelper class to load bytes from stream
byte_allocatorHigh performance class for allocation
byte_allocator_creatorCreator for byte_allocator
byte_backet< N, M >Paged backet of chunks
byte_consumerBase class for output streams provides all the functionality except writing bytes into output stream
byte_managerBase class for utf-8 stream management with additional stack support however the parsing process assumes that some entries must be substituted so we need additional store like stack
byte_repositoryByte repository class for allocation memory by fixed chunks
byte_repository_factoryClass factory to create byte_repository
byte_sourceBase that does all the work except getting bytes from stream
byte_tank< N >Class supports byte memory management allocated block will have 4 hidden leading bytes 1st byte = backet number [4-12], 2nd - byte = offset/state [0-255], 3rd-4th bytes = page number [0-64K], for allocation out of backet
chunk_stackKeeps free chunks of memory for reusing
client_thread_infoClient ticket info
cluster_clientTemporary external wrapper for clustering algorithm demonstration
cluster_engineClass wrapper around template cluster engine
cluster_engine_factoryClass factory for clustering algorithm engine
cluster_infoCluster info
cluster_processor< T, N >Cluster processor
conf_listenerCommon class for config unit information
conf_peerConfiguration for listener peers
conf_unitClass describes unit of a configuration
content_anyImplements ANY content
content_binaryImplements binary node with two children
content_childrenImplements children content validator
content_interfaceAbstract interface for validation
content_leafImplements leaf node
content_mixedValidator for mixed content
content_nodeDFA content node
content_unaryImplements unary node with one child
daemonImplements Windows Service or Linux/Unix daemon base functionality
dateDatetime up to milliseconds
db_argContain login information
db_creator< T >Db creator
db_entryContain login information
dbserverClass implements the access to database in the general way
dbserver_implImplements most of the methods of the dbserver interface
dbserver_impl::callback_finderClass help to find callback
dbserver_impl::callback_fireClass help the stl algorithm for_each to fire events
dfa_tokenClass contains rule token
dtd_processorClass process DTD into internal grammar
elementDeclElement schema declaration
entityDeclEntity description
enumNodeDeclIf attribute value is enum type we are going to keep the correspondent ident
eventClass supports event
event_creatorEvent creator
exceptionSupports exception
exception_itemException item as an exception table row
exception_tableBase class for exception tables
fixed_size_bufferHigh performance chunks linked list
fuzzy_matcherFuzzy match library interface
fuzzy_matcher_factoryClass factory for fuzzy matcher
fuzzy_matcher_implFuzzy match library implementation
fuzzy_matcher_impl::candidate_infoMatch candidate information
fuzzy_matcher_impl::candidate_sorterCandidate sort predicate
fuzzy_matcher_impl::candidate_sorter::candidate_iter_lessLess predicate
fuzzy_matcher_impl::ngram_key_offsetN-gram ley offset
fuzzy_wrapperFuzzy wrapper library interface it's safe to call methods in multithreaded program add/remove methods will be executed one by one; "write" blocking mode match method can be executed in multiple threads at the same time; "read" non-blocking mode
fuzzy_wrapper_factoryClass factory for fuzzy wrapper
job_taskClass to send task to client thread
keylockerClass supports the locking on demand functionality
keylocker_clientClass supports automatic entry/leave of gate
keylocker_serverAutomatic locker keeper
leaf_typeKeeps content for leaf
less< T >
linked_resultClass supports NON Terimber allocation not so efficient, but does not require the base library source code
list< T >
lookup_distance< C, P, Func >
main_map_keyTemplate map class has to expose the interface for exact match "less", "greater", and so on exact match comparision and optionaly "like" for partial match comparision class creates the wrappper around var_value for string resources
main_map_key_comparePredicate for main key comparision
map< K, T, Pr, M >Impelments map with internal node allocator
mem_chunkClass is used for a linked list of memory chunks
memdb_rowDb row
memdb_rowset_lessPredicate for row comparision
memindexImplementation of terimber_memindex interface
memlookupImplementation of terimber_memlookup interface
memory_output_streamInterface of stream for xml in memory
memtableInterface to memory table
metaphone_entryMetaphone entry
metaphone_keyMetaphone key
msg_callback_notifyClass supports incoming and asynchronous callbacks
msg_communicatorKernel class in the messaging system communication dispatches incoming messages, creates and destroys connection objects makes a lot of dirty work: dynamic casting, msg allocation/destruction and more ..
msg_connectionBase class for all types of connections
msg_cppMessage class internal message representation
msg_creatorMsg resource keeper
msg_listenerAbstract class for listener implementation
msg_packPack error and reply messages
msg_queue< P, C >Priority message queue
msg_queue_processorClass inherits thread processor class
msg_rpc_connectionClasses implement the RPC protocol communication
msg_rpc_globalInitializes the glogal RPC runtime environmental
msg_rpc_listenerRPC listener implementation
msg_sock_connectionClass implements the Socket connection
msg_sock_listenerClass implements the socket listener that supports both types of connection
msg_tMessage struct description
msg_user_connectionImplements user connection - the input/output channel to the business logic world
msg_wait_async_replyImplements the message reply keeper for asynchronous send
msg_wait_replyImplements the message reply keeper for synchronous send
mst< T, N >Minimum spanning tree
mst_edgeMST edge
mutexClass supports mutex
mutex_keeperAutomatic mutex locker
mysql_db_creatorDb creator
mysql_dbserverImplements the dbserver interface for MYSQL
mysql_factoryCreates the MYSQL DB server
namedNodeXml node with name
namedNodeDeclXml node with name and type
ngram_entryNgram entry
ngram_keyNgram key
ngram_suggestions_infoNgram suggestion information
ngram_suggestions_iter_infoNgram suggestion info iterator bag
node_allocator< T >High performance template class for allocation one object at one time
node_allocator_creator< T >Creator for node_allocator
nodeDeclBase class for all xml nodes
notationDeclNotation description
numericFloat number without restrictions on precision and scale
odbc_db_creatorDb creator
odbc_dbserverImplementation dbserver interface for ODBC driver
odbc_factoryClass factory to create dbserver object
orcl_db_creatorDb creator
orcl_dbserverClass implements interface dbserver
orcl_factoryClass factory creates dbserver object
paged_bufferHigh-performance resizable buffer of bytes
pair< T1, T2 >No dependences from STL containers stores a pair of values
pcre_entryPcre entry
pcre_keyPcre key
pk_columnPrimary key and column index info
pool< C >Creator - responsable for creation and deleting objects
pool< C >::pool_entryPointer to a pool entry object we can't remove internl class into hpp file Microsoft specific
pool_object_keeper< P >Object from pool keeper
priority_queue< T >Priority queue for items
proto_creator< C, T, A >Base proto class for creators
reflection_entryReflection entry
reflection_keyReflection key
rep_allocatorClass support "deallocation" actually memory reusing
room_array< T >
semaphoreClass supports semaphores
semaphore_keeperAutomatic semaphore keeper
smart_pointer< C >Type of creator
stack< T >Class stack uses internal allocator class for ALL internal memory allocations forward iterators are supported
stream_input_commonInterface of stream implementation for reading from file, socket
stream_input_memoryBuffer in memory interface of stream
stream_output_fileFile interface of stream
string_backet< N, M >
string_descString description
terimber_aio_sock_accessAiosock class factory
terimber_aiogateClass abstraction aiogate aiogate will provide this interface
terimber_aiogate_bufferMultiple buffers to send
terimber_aiogate_factoryClass factory for aiogate objects
terimber_aiogate_pinClass abstraction for pin object user has to implement the code
terimber_aiogate_pin_factoryClass abstraction for connector
terimber_aiosockAbstract interface for the socket port
terimber_aiosock_callbackAbstract interface aiosock callbacks
terimber_db_value_vector_implAbstract class to set conditions for lookup
terimber_file_callbackAbstract interface for user of file port
terimber_file_portAbstract interface for the file port
terimber_file_port_accessFactory for aiofile class
terimber_index_column_infoIndex column information
terimber_index_column_info_exTypes for internal data structure
terimber_logAbstract class for logging information
terimber_log_helperClass encapsulates the external log provider can be used as a parent log for aggregated other classes supported logging
terimber_memindexAbstract interface to memory index
terimber_memlookupAbstract interface to memory lookup
terimber_memtableAbstract interface to memory table
terimber_socketSocket class for xml http streams
terimber_table_column_descClass helps to create empty table in memory explicitly
terimber_thread_employerAbstract interface for user of thread manager base job employer class employer is responsible for synchronization while job is requested and processed
terimber_threadpoolAbstract interface for the thread pool
terimber_threadpool_factoryThread pool factory creates thread pools the caller is responsible for destroying the thread pool object but NEVER do it inside client thread functions (v_has_job or v_do_job)
terimber_vardatabaseAbstract interface for table in memory
terimber_vardatabase_factoryClass factory to create terimber_vardatabase
threadSafe thread class
thread_creatorCreator for pool
threadpoolDefines implementation of thread pool multiple clients can borrow the threads with the same id
timer_callbackImplements callback for timer event firing
token_infoToken information
tokenizerClass tokenize input string finding atomic tokens
unique_key_generatorSupports the generation and reusing of the unique key sequence
var_containerVariant container
var_keyCombination of different key types
var_object_repositoryClass where all maps resides
var_property_schemaClass describes the object property schema
var_string_fuzzy_keyFuzzy match string key
var_string_searchable_keySearchable string
var_valueClass decribe the extension to the terimber_db_value is a variant substitute
vardatabaseClass imlements interface terimber_vardatabase
vardatabase::vartableVar table
variant_factoryClass as a set of memory factories
varmap< T, C >Template class with main map (searchable property -->map of unique objects)
varmap< T, C >::offset_map_keyOffset map key
vector< T >Class supports vector with internal allocator
word_entrySigle word information
word_keySingle word key
xml_containerClass with children elements
xml_designerClass supports xml parsing, navigating, construction, and persistence
xml_designer_creatorPool creator for xml_designer
xml_designer_implImplements abstract xml_designer interface
xml_documentXml document class as a root class for xml document structure
xml_elementBase xml element
xml_factoryCreate xml_designer instance
xml_grammarDTD rules internal presentation
xml_nodeBase class for all xml nodes (attributes, elements, ...) no virtual methods to keep class size as small as possible
xml_parser_creatorClass creator for xml designer
xml_persistorClass save internal xml document into stream
xml_processorXml processor main class
xml_stream_attributeXml stream attribute processing
xml_tree_nodeBase class for attributes and element container
xml_value_nodeClass for all value contained nodes like comment, pi, CDATA and text
xml_white_space_handlerStack to keep white space info
xmlconfigClass encapsulates the xml config file as an INI or registry keys

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