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Terimber Corporation offers follow products at this time.

1. A pilot product - the best high-performance XML Designer Kit including parser, navigator, constructor and persister as one COM/.Net object and portable C++ libraries.

2. High performance portable Database access with identical client interface for different database servers (ODBC, ORACLE).

3. Message Port - the high performance application communicator accross processes, computeres and internet boundaries.

4. Base libraries includes Thread Pool and Socket Pool C++ libraries.

5. Crypt library includes hash algorithms (SHA256, MD5), symmetric encryption/decryption algorithms (RC6, AES (RIJNDAEL)), PKI RSA algorithms and BASE64 encoding/decoding algorithms.

6. Star Gate library is a very powerful tool for high-performance portable socket client/server development.

7. Fuzzy Match library is a useful software for high-performance portable fuzzy matching search in memory on a dynamic content.

The source code of all products is available on an annual subscription base. For more information regarding subscription terms, prices, and custom development please contact us by e-mail: contact@terimber.com

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