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Currently we can offer only a few products for free download.

1. Pilot product named XML Designer.
XML Designer is fastest and most effective XML software in the market. If you deal with large documents written in XML format and you have a performance and computer resources limitation, our XML Designer is right software for you. XML Designer lets users to construct, navigate, edit, store the documents in the memory and retrieve them. XML Designer is also available as a COM/.Net object.

2. Database access.
Database access provides the high performance identical client interface for different database servers. Client can execute parameterized SQL statements as well as stored procedures. Executing SQL requests and data fetching supports asynchronous regime. The recordset navigation is a part of the client interface functionality.

3. Message Port.
Terimber Corporation is proud to present the Message Port C++ library, which gives you a power to communicate with other programs located at the same computer, separeted by intranet or even Internet.
Message Port C++ library encapsulates different protocols (RPC, Sockets, HTTP(S)) to establish communication secure channels with build-in cryptographic support.

4. Base libraries offers the very rich functionality, however we can afford to open for free download only some of it.

Thread Pool C++ libraries gives you the powerful and at the same time very simple functionality to build multithreaded, cross platform C++ applications.
You should not care about how to open thread, when it has to be closed and so on, Thread Pool C++ library is smart enough to take care of it.

The most powerful Socket Pool C++ library encapsulates Thread Pool and provides the asynchronous socket management functionality.
Using Socket Pool library you can build very robust, multithreaded, crossplatform applications with a high performance.

The new Socket Port C++ library presents the further enhancement of Terimber Socket Pool. The new library provides completely asynchronous socket API (connect, accept, send, and receive). Moreover, library can detect current version of Windows OS automatically and use non-blocking sockets or Completion Port functionality.

5. Crypt library.
Crypt library is one of the high-performance Terimber C++ library with comprehensive functionality. Crypt library provides hash, symmetric and asymmetric crypt algorithms as well as BASE64 encoding.

6. Star Gate library.
Star Gate is a skeleton for high-performance portable socket client/server development.

7. Fuzzy Match library is a useful software for high-performance portable fuzzy matching search in memory on a dynamic content.

Source code is available for download under Terimber license upon request.

Before download read License Agreement.

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