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Terimber 2.0

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File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
aiocomport.cpp [code]
aiocomport.h [code]
aiofile.cpp [code]
aiofile.h [code]
aiofilefactory.h [code]
aiogate.cpp [code]
aiogate.h [code]
aiogatefactory.h [code]
aiomsgfactory.h [code]
aiosock.cpp [code]
aiosock.h [code]
aiosockfactory.h [code]
algorith.h [code]
algorith.hpp [code]
allinc.h [code]
bitset.h [code]
bitset.hpp [code]
byterep.cpp [code]
byterep.h [code]
byterep.hpp [code]
common.cpp [code]
common.h [code]
common.hpp [code]
daemon.cpp [code]
daemon.h [code]
date.cpp [code]
date.h [code]
db.cpp [code]
db.h [code]
db.hpp [code]
dbaccess.h [code]
dbtypes.h [code]
dbvalue.h [code]
dce_port.h [code]
declxml.h [code]
declxml.hpp [code]
defxml.cpp [code]
defxml.h [code]
defxml.hpp [code]
dtdxml.cpp [code]
dtdxml.h [code]
except.cpp [code]
except.h [code]
fuzzyaccess.h [code]
fuzzyimpl.cpp [code]
fuzzyimpl.h [code]
fuzzyphonetic.cpp [code]
fuzzyphonetic.h [code]
fuzzyphonetic.hpp [code]
fuzzywrapper.cpp [code]
fuzzywrapper.h [code]
imsg.idl [code]
keymaker.h [code]
keymaker.hpp [code]
list.h [code]
list.hpp [code]
log.cpp [code]
log.h [code]
map.h [code]
map.hpp [code]
memdb.cpp [code]
memdb.h [code]
memdb.hpp [code]
memdbacc.h [code]
memindex.cpp [code]
memlookup.cpp [code]
memory.cpp [code]
memory.h [code]
memory.hpp [code]
memtable.cpp [code]
miscxml.cpp [code]
miscxml.h [code]
miscxml.hpp [code]
mngxml.cpp [code]
mngxml.h [code]
mngxml.hpp [code]
msg_base.cpp [code]
msg_base.h [code]
msg_c.cpp [code]
msg_c.h [code]
msg_comm.cpp [code]
msg_comm.h [code]
msg_conn.cpp [code]
msg_conn.h [code]
msg_cpp.cpp [code]
msg_cpp.h [code]
msg_lsnr.cpp [code]
msg_lsnr.h [code]
msg_que.cpp [code]
msg_que.h [code]
msg_rpc.cpp [code]
msg_rpc.h [code]
msg_sock.cpp [code]
msg_sock.h [code]
msg_user.cpp [code]
msg_user.h [code]
msgimpl.cpp [code]
msgimpl.h [code]
mst.h [code]
mst.hpp [code]
mstaccess.cpp [code]
mstaccess.h [code]
mysqlinc.h [code]
mysqlsrv.cpp [code]
mysqlsrv.h [code]
ns.h [code]
number.h [code]
number.hpp [code]
numeric.cpp [code]
numeric.h [code]
odbcinc.h [code]
odbcsrv.cpp [code]
odbcsrv.h [code]
orclinc.h [code]
orclsrv.cpp [code]
orclsrv.h [code]
osdef.h [code]
osdetect.h [code]
oserror.h [code]
osinc.h [code]
ossock.h [code]
ostypes.cpp [code]
ostypes.h [code]
parsexml.cpp [code]
parsexml.h [code]
parsexml.hpp [code]
persxml.cpp [code]
persxml.h [code]
primitives.cpp [code]
primitives.h [code]
proto.h [code]
socket.cpp [code]
socket.h [code]
stack.h [code]
stack.hpp [code]
storexml.cpp [code]
storexml.h [code]
storexml.hpp [code]
string.h [code]
string.hpp [code]
strrep.h [code]
strrep.hpp [code]
sxml.cpp [code]
sxml.h [code]
sxml.hpp [code]
sxs.cpp [code]
sxs.h [code]
sxs.hpp [code]
template.h [code]
template.hpp [code]
termysql.cpp [code]
termysql.h [code]
terodbc.cpp [code]
terodbc.h [code]
terorcl.cpp [code]
terorcl.h [code]
thread.cpp [code]
thread.h [code]
threadpool.cpp [code]
threadpool.h [code]
threadpoolfactory.h [code]
timer.cpp [code]
timer.h [code]
tokenizer.cpp [code]
tokenizer.h [code]
types.h [code]
value.h [code]
varaccess.h [code]
vardatabase.cpp [code]
vardatabase.h [code]
varfactory.cpp [code]
varfactory.h [code]
varmap.cpp [code]
varmap.h [code]
varmap.hpp [code]
varobj.cpp [code]
varobj.h [code]
varvalue.h [code]
varvalue.hpp [code]
vector.h [code]
vector.hpp [code]
vttypes.h [code]
xmlaccss.h [code]
xmlconfig.h [code]
xmlimpl.cpp [code]
xmlimpl.h [code]
xmlimpl.hpp [code]
xmlmodel.cpp [code]
xmlmodel.h [code]
xmlmodel.hpp [code]
xml/xmltypes.h [code]
xmltypes.h [code]

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