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The philosophy of one century is the common sense of the next. --Henry Ward Beecher


Our Mission is to provide customers with best quality software solutions that are easy in use, excellent in performance, require less computer resources and very rich in functionality.


There were many magnificent programs developed in C programming language, billions lines of state-of-art code were written. There are lots of existing good reliable runtime libraries written in C and dealing with low-level memory management, I/O streams, strings and so on. Soon after C++ language became a widely popular ANSI standard, many developers are turning to this powerful language. We believe that object-oriented approach in software development has come from the real experience solving viable problems and reflects the "object-oriented" environment of our life. We already have Standard Template Library (STL) as a part of C++ programming language standard. In the real non-trivial software development the programmers need multithreaded environment, high-performance memory management, database access, network communication and other features written in object-oriented manner. Our vision is to give base objects C++ libraries (BOL) as building blocks for complex high-performance C++ programs. We consider some classes as an STL extension, while the other platform dependent and independent classes are extremely useful for rapid development. In order to demonstrate usefulness of BOL we developed few complete products. They are XML Designer, Database Access and Communication System.


Our company consists of very experienced software architects and developers (more then 10 year of real software development) able to build state-of-art software for our customers from common libraries to very specific programs. The features distinguishing our software are high-performance, multi-platform portability and reliability. The difference between amateur and professional approach is in faster and higher quality production that finally will save the customer's money.

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